Graphicollection All pattern 2 ABSTRACT
  • 2GCAP1DV
    Graphicollection All pattern 1 FLOWERS
  • 2GCMB07DV
    Graphicollection Mini Vol. 7
  • 2GCG01DV
    GraphiCollection Girls Vol. 1
  • 2GCMB05DV
    Graphicollection Mini Vol. 5
  • 2GCMB02DV
    Graphicollection Mini Vol. 2
  • 2GCMB03DV
    Graphicollection Mini Vol. 3
  • GCMB04DV
    Graphicollection Mini Vol. 4
  • 2GCMB01DV
    GraphiCollection Minibaby Vol.1
  • 2GCMB02DV
    GraphiCollection Minibaby Vol.2
  • 2GCKG01DV
    GraphiCollection Kidsgirl 1
  • 2GCKG03DV
    GraphiCollection Kidsgirl 3
  • 2GCKG02DV
    GraphiCollection Kidsgirl 2

This Graphicollection membership gives you access to the All pattern Flowers and Abstract reports giving you the possibility to select and download up to 50 pages of royalty free and editable all over prints. Each page has an average of 8 different designs giving you more than 400 all over prints in this membership. Patterns for fabrics depicting floral designs drawn in vector and combined with polka-dot, stripes, etc. as well as patterns depicting abstract all overs with grainy effect, geometric combined with hand-made style designs. Original graphics with an innovative taste, with bright and captivating colors in line with current trends. Hundreds of different patterns to match according to your taste. Unique graphic elements created to be used both in the fashion industry, accessories and all surface design use. All fully editable!

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